Strange Bio-void Machine

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The Bio-void machine can only be used with access to the eastern lands where you will drop the manipulator cards needed to operate it, as well as two times the value of the item in cash. The success always depends on the probability-stat of the card. The machine operates on all equipable items and has five different modi:

  • Append
    • a random bonus if the item has already 1-5 bonuses. The amount depends on the card's and Effectiveness might reach up to 10.5% of the current highest bonus amount. The maximum of bonuses on one item is 6.
  • Switch
    • the second bonus of an item to a different type with up to 10% loss (if effectivity is below 100) or up to 5% gain (above 100%). Possible bonuses resulting from this are: Defense, Damage, Health, Strength, Agility, Psi, Vitality, Speed - or the corresponding %-variants - but never Damage on armors or Defense on weapons and staffs.
  • Extinguish
    • Removes the last bonus from an item.
  • Merge
    • takes 50% of the last bonus on an item away and adds 90-105% of this amount to the preceding bonus.
  • Equalize
    • reduces the highest bonus on an item by 10% and adds 90-105% of the result to another bonus.
  • Rotate
    • Moves the first bonus into the second position, the second bonus into the third position and the last bonus into the first position - preserving amounts in the positions.

The operator card gets destroyed in any case after any attempt. If the attempt fails, and if either probability is below 25, or both the item effectiveness and probability are below 50, there is a chance that the item gets destroyed.

What that means is! If you have an item with a probability of greater than 50% then your item will not break at all. However if it is lower than 50% there is a chance of it destroying your item. AND if it is lower than 25% there is an extreme chance that your item gets destroyed!