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Your pet will improve with each level. Besides the Health- and Mana-bonus it contributes a typical stat which depends on its type. At a higher level it may develop a 4th stat. From level 10 to level 20, you may train your pet each time the remaining feeds get 2 (train right after feeding).

The values for HP and MP are average gains per level Pet Name HP MP 3rd Stat 4th stat 1st Skill 2nd Skill 1st Terr.Rest. 2nd Terr.Rest. Kodophant 8% 2% Defense% Toughness Master Def. Marshes Swamps Hawkpard 3% 6% Damage% Nimbleness Master Melee Dreamland DL II ...completing later...

A pet can have two skills. These are predefined for the pet types and are increased as the pet grows. If a pet skill conflicts with a player skill, the higher one will be used in effect. The skills increase with each pet level. Pets can not switch their skills like players can. You may train the adult pet skills after each feeding if you have suficient ressources left.

Pet accessories can be inserted once a high level pet received a slot for one. The selection box in the pet tab will let you choose an ordinary necklace from your inventory. This accessory will leave your inventory then and be stuck on the pet forever. The effect is like an additional item slot for your char while you are mounted.

Only adult pets will actively take part in battle. The chance of this depends on the pet level while the strength relies on the pet stamina. The pet fighting abilities are like follows: Kodophant: "trample" // up to 10% damage to enemy Hawkpard: "protect_attack" // protection against physical attacks Unicorn: "health" // heal health Pegasus: "protect_cast" // protection against magic Coredragon: "mdrop" // up to +25% drop quality while stamina is 100%, but -25% while it is 0 Phoenix: "mana" // heal mana Psi Tiger: "cast" // (4th) magic attack Mambowoki: "attack" // additional physical attack Cute Fishie: "specs_trample" // up to 50% damage to enemy (specs)