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Stats were given an overview before this, but here I'll give a more detailed description.

  • Health

Your character's health is a measure of how much damage it can take before it dies. Your maximum health increases with each level gain. It can be restored with health potions.

  • Mana
    • Your character's mana is used to cast spells. Your maximum mana increases with each level gain. It can be restored with mana potions.
  • Strength
    • Strength is the stat that melee damage is mostly dependant on.
  • Agility
    • Agility is the primary stat for determining whether or not you hit an enemy with a physical attack. It is vital for fighters. It is also the primary damage modifying stat for bow users.
  • Vitality
    • Vitality is the primary stat needed for resisting spells, and for mages, to successfully cast on a monster, as well a small effect on spell damage.
  • Psi
    • Psi is the primary stat for mages, as it is the major factor in spell power.
  • Speed
    • Speed determines the number of turns a player gets in battle and who gets the initial attack each round. It also directly affects chance to evade melee attacks.