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Spell Types & Specials

Touch: Lvl 0 Found in castle town
Streak: Lvl 1 Found on Tsunami Turtle in Marshes
Volley: Lvl 2 Found on Vicious Kobold in Plains and Instafreeze2000 in Ruins
Wave: Lvl 3 Found on Kobold King in plains
Blast: Lvl 4 Found on Earth Elemental in Dunes and Frost Necromancer in Summit
Engulfment: Lvl 5 Found on Water Elemental in the Ocean and Witch in Jungle
Storm: Lvl 6 Found on Purple Gnome in the Hills
Apocalypse: Lvl 7 Found on Apocalyptic Rider in the Darkness
Inferno: Lvl 8 Found on Fire Elementals in the Magma
Armageddon: lvl 9 Found on killer of the 22nd in pina colada
Fusion: lvl 10 Found on juggernaut, last ultimate mob in deep caves.
Noodle: lvl 1 Found on ???

Drop Rates

Rainbow drop rates are as follows:

Spell Type: Touch 0%
Spell Type: Streak .6%
Spell Type: Volley 1.3%
Spell Type: Wave 2%
Spell Type: Blast 2.6%
Spell Type: Engulfment 3.3%
Spell Type: Storm 4%
Spell Type: Apocalypse 4.6%
Spell Type: Inferno 5.3%
Spell Type: Armageddon 6%
Spell Type: Fusion 6.6%
Spell Type: Noodle 7.3%

Shadow Spells

Starting Spell Type: Apocalypse 1%

Holy Spells

Starting Spell Type: Inferno 0.5%

Town spells These spells you can find off the Mad Highway Wizard and the Twisted 5k Dude. Below will be a list of spells that you can only find on these monster and no where else.

High Precision

Description: The tension in your whole body increases steadily until a final moment of extreme concentration.

Mind Power


Reaching into the air, you manage to collect more and more energy and bundle it into a powerful spell

Disbelieve Illusion

Description: Disbelieves an illusion, disabling the monsters special ability to send the adventurer back to the attunement spot.



Reveals the true nature of monsters that have cloaked as merchants.

            • More information soon to come******