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Stealing money from other players is an experimental feature at the moment. It might be disabled or restricted to special zones (DL). The steal- and arrest-actions are performed from the Other Players menu on the Land-view.

The chance for success is majorly influenced by the pickpocket- and Sherriff-skills. For stealing-attempts there are four possible outcomes:

  • The thief gets some money, depending on the level-quotient between thief and victim. The thief gets away without being noticed and can continue their business.
  • The thief is successful but was watched. Now he will be recognized be a red star besides their icon on the map and other players might try to arrest them (by default for 15 minutes). The thief can not use banks, item storages, camps or forts during this time. Also, they receive a timer for any further attempts (default 40 minutes, halved if pickpocket skill)
  • The thief is caught during the attempt. In this case they are transported to jail where they have to stay for a while (default: 15 minutes).
  • The thief is not successful and gets transported to their attune spot.

Other players may try to arrest a thieves who display with red stars on the map. If successful, the thief is transported to jail and the player receives a reward depending on the level-quotient. If not successful, the player must continue from the attune-spot.