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The Pet is a players best friend - at least it always tries to entertain them. It takes quite long to raise a pet but high level pets have great contributions towards the player: They add stats, skills and even may have own items. There are quite a bunch of different pets, each having its own benefits. Each pet also has one or two impassible terrain types.

Although a player may have several pets at once (they count as items in inventory), they can always only have one pet equipped. If its still a pet egg, equipping has the function of hatching, otherwise it is mounting. You can view your equipped pet in the pet tab. After a few moments, this view will update. A pet egg cant be unequipped until the hatching is completed. Pets can not be dropped from inventory, they have to be put into the zoo to get rid of them.

Pet Main Stat Secondary Stat Skill 1 Skill 2 Fear
Kodophant Defense Vitality Toughness Random Marshes, Swamp
Hawkpard Damage Speed Nimbleness Random DL 1 - DL 2
Unicorn Magic Damage Psi Magic Resistance Random Darkness
Pegasus Agility Speed Bartering Random Cave, Deep Cave
Coredragon Strength Damage Fire Mastery Random Hills, Nomad's Haven
Phoenix Vitality Magic Damage Wind Walk Random Deep Forest, Dark Woods
Psiberian Tiger Psi Speed Theivery Random Deep Ocean, Rough Seas
Mambowoki Speed Agility Swift Stab Random Desert, Burning Sands
Cute Fishie Health Strength Water Mastery Random Cliff, Frozen Peaks