Pet Eggs / Hatching

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Every new character gets 1 Platinum for free to purchase an egg. To do this, visit the myth shop (39,13,0 Lost Lands) and select the egg that you want. If you are unsure which egg does what, then visit here, remember to equip your egg afterwards!

Your pet egg stats with stamina 1, experience 0, and level 0. The stamina will rise automatically as long as you have the egg equipped. Your goal is to get to 1000 stamina. Then you can press a button to get it to level 1 (child pet). It already possesses some stats. These stats are counted towards your characters stats (after calculating the items) as long as the pet has stamina. Each pet has one or two terrains where it is less effective.

You can not unequip the pet from level 1 to 3. Besides that, one can only drop pets at level 4.