New Spells

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  1. Illusion spells (I-IV) (change the type of special mobs) can be found from twisters. There are: Disbelieve Illusion, Summon Illusion, Confusion and Revelation.
  2. Stats boost spells can be dropped from any kind of caster and have power levels 1-11. We have:
    • Ogre Strength (Fighters: damage)
    • High Precision (Sharpies: damage and agility)
    • Mind Power (Casters: psi)
    • Ninja (Fighters: agility)
    • Stamina (Casters: vitality)
    • Dervish (Sharpies, Dark Mages: less monster turns / more player turns)
    • Shield of Protection (Fighters, Warlocks: defense)

Leveling the new spells works similar as with the Heal spells, and their mana usage depends on the player Race. Have fun hunting!