Living Skills

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These new skills are useful for item production/improvement rather than for combat. If you are building your camp for example, it will be much quicker to craft the materials than to wait for the materials to drop after battles. The more you practice these skills, the better the results will be because they actually level.

They work differently in the following ways: These skills consist of a base value (you spend experience points into this) and a Bonus value which rises when you practice the skill. Therefore, these skills should never be dropped. In fact, they are special as they dont use any of your 6-8 skill slots!

We have three Collecting skills: Mining, Lumbering, Gathering. To obtain the skills you must buy a tool in the weapon shop and look for an NPC next to the castle.

You will find many places with new ressources in the land. The following types exist: Ore Mine (Mining skill), Wood Pile (Lumbering skill), Herb Field and Other Ressource (Gathering skill). Interacting in these places will display the basic information about the ressource, an action button and a progress area. While your skill bonus grows, you will be able to perform the action more than one time per click. Special things may happen once in a while, good and bad ones.

What can we do with our ressources: We have six new buildings now: Camp Workshop (make camp materials, requires Crafting skill), Alchemist Laboratory (make potions, require Alchemy skill), Powder Workshop (requires Alchemy skill), Armorer (increase base value of your equipment, requires Armorer skill), Ship Workshop (requires Craftman skill). In each of these locations you will find a list of materrials that can be constructed/improved and the number of ressources needed for that. Just like the collector skills, the skills have a bonus that can be trained.

Where to get the skills

Lumbering NPC: 39,6

Item Required: Woodcutters Axe (Buy from store)

Mining NPC: 45,2

Item Required: Pickaxe (Buy from store)