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Clan leaders or co-leaders can claim a kingdom for their clan. These kingdoms cover 9 land units, which can be used to build various structures.

Claiming a Kingdom You can claim one uninhabited kingdom for your clan if you are the leader or coleader. The cost to claim a kingdom is dependant on the number of members in your clan, and is deducted from your clan bank. You are also required to have a clan power of 2000 or greater to claim a kingdom.

Structures The kingdom structures give a variety of bonuses to the clan members. There are buildings to increase combat ability, item strength, stats, drops and more. You can find details for each structure by viewing them at the kingdom. The price for building a structure is paid out of the clan bank.

Demolishing Structures You get 10% of the price of the building deposited back into your clan bank. The Demolish button requires a double click.

Teleport buttons in the kingdom and Clan Center Once your clan has claimed a kingdom, you can use the Teleport button at any Clan Center to teleport yourself to your clan's kingdom. The Teleport button at the kingdom will take you back to the Clan Center you came from. If you've never teleported to your kingdom before, it will take you back to the clan center in Safe Haven.