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Important Note..

Remember to give joe 10 cookies before getting your spells. This is vital.. The more cookies you give to joe.. the more powerful the spell will be.. So hit that 10 and watch your stats improve by alot!

Learning about gems

Gems are a very important item to be picked up in this game. But first you need to know what these gems are for to understand the proper use of these gems. The gems are used to get some stat boost spells from a certain NPC in the game and this NPC is our friendly begger.. Joe.

The grade you see on these gems will determen wether the gem is used to turn into joe.. or turn in for a flower or even turn in for stardust.

  • Grade 87-100 = Flowers.. You only need 5 flowers for 1 bag of cookies.These cookies you will want to give to joe right away. You want to give Joe a total of 10 cookies before you start to use them on yourself.
  • Grade 1-86 = Joe... These gems are what joe is looking for.. The recommended grade is 40+ which is 1bil+ average for value. This is what you are really looking for it total value of gems you give to joe.. I'm currently uncertain at what value you need to obtain a joe spell. But be advise.. to get you 10 cookies to joe first before even starting to give joe gems as it would be very vital when in the higher area of the game.
  • Grade 1 = 1-5 startdust.. this is random. you can either get 1 start dust or up to 5 stardust per grade one you turn in which you turn these grade 1 gems into the NPC you get your cookie from.


There is 3 type of NPC that deal wih gems.. one will take lower grade gems and one will take higher grade gems and only one will take grade 1 gem. The NPC's are below along with there coords and short description about the NPC's and where there fore.

  • Joe the Begger - 39,4 - This NPC is looking for grade 1-86 gems and also love cookies. When you get a bag of cookies. You should really give him 10 cookies total before handing him any gems.
  • Flower Girl - 43,10 - This NPC is looking for grade 87-100 gems. If you give this NPC a total of 5 gems of this grade range. You will recieve 1 flower per 87 to 100 grade gems. when you get 5 flowers.. Don't give anymore until you turn the 5 flowers in towards you bag of cookies.
  • Nalimma - 2,5 - This NPC is looking for 5 flowers total. This will get you 1 bag of cookies to to hand over to joe. Remember you only need to give joe 10 bags only. Also she is looking for grade 1 gems for a random of 1 to 5 stardust per grade 1 gem.
Joe Spells & Cookies

Gem Hunting - After you have given joe a total of 10 cookies and hopefully by then you should be able to survive the deep caves cause this place is where you want to be when your looking for gems for joe.. You want to only pick up grade 1 gems, and grade 40+ gems. and of course your flower gems that is 87-100.

  • Cookies. - When you give joe a total of 10 cookies.. Then when you gather enough flower towards a cookie, You can start to use them for yourself for a nice stat boost. Remember... Every cookie after joe has his 10.. is all yours.. You no longer gain stats for eating cookies.
  • Joe's Spells - Alright time to get down to serious business with joe now. when you think you have gather enough gems for joe. After every certain amount in value of gems will give your spell which will nicely increase your stats.. But I believe the 1-3 will be not as good as the rest but the 4-6 will be a major improvement as long as you have given joe his 10 cookies..