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In all bigger towns and castles you will find a Trade Center. They are used to offer regular items (not quest items) to other players. But you need to have a trade licence to anticipate in trades. There are ten different levels of licences, increasing in price and profitability. With a trade level 1 you will only receive 10% of what the buyer has to pay for an item (= the value of the item). With a level 2 licence, this is 20% and so on (level 10 licence = 100%). Besides that, owners of license 6 charge 1.1x the value of the item, level 7 charge 1.2x, level 8 charge 1.3x, level 9 charge 1.4x and level 10 gets 1.5x the value of items. There is one exception: If you submit a trade with the name of a clan member, the price will still be 1x value only.

You can only sell to another players if your licence level is not two numbers below the licence of the buyer (this means that low characters cant sell to high ones). Players with higher trade licences can sell to anyone.

There are several item types that can only be traded 1-1. Among those are Building Materials (req. TL 4), Relics (req. TL 6) and Documents (eg Maps, Recipies, req. TL 8). Such trades are done in a slightly different way: First one player offers an item by submitting it at TC (eventually with name to offer to one player exclusively). The second player then also offers one item of the same type at TC (best to first player only). After that, any of the two players can just select the item he diseres from the list. This procedure bases on trusting the player you deal with. You may also just put an item you dont need any more (say a Lumber) up, and wait until someone else trades it for another material.

Documents (Map pieces) that are acquired from drops or beasts are all tradable (incl Map 10 from beast). Building materials and Relics are always tradable.

There is a level-requirement for certain TLs:

  1. minlevel = 10 ore = 0
  2. minlevel = 10 ore = 0
  3. minlevel = 1000 ore = 200
  4. minlevel = 1000 ore = 3000
  5. minlevel = 6000 ore = 10000
  6. minlevel = 6000 ore = 20000
  7. minlevel = 10000 ore = 20000
  8. minlevel = 10000 ore = 50000
  9. minlevel = 15000 ore = 50000
  10. minlevel = 25000 ore = 100000