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Lets inspect one of our items from inventory as example: example of IE We notice that each stat of the item has a regular stat and another green one in brackets. As an adventurer grows in level, they will become more and more proficient using items and this proficiency affects the effects of their bonuses. The green number being higher than the regular bonus stat in this example indicates that the character has fully mastered the item (and might look for an item with higher stats soon).

So there are limits: The lower limit of the green number is always 5% of the regular stat in the beginning. The maximum is 115%. Now, it is possible to actively work on these limits, as well as on the IE bonus itslef.

Lets now take a look at the IE bonus, IE Min and IE max in the Other-Tab of Inventory where we can check our IE stats. A simple example: If we manage to raise our IE bonus to 100%, our little level 60,000 character would be able to use items as if they were level 120,000. Besides that, he worked hard on getting the value of IE max to 125% (originally it was 115% in the beginning) so he can get up to 125% effectiveness from an item.

To improve these stats we can either take part in mobopoly and hope we get lucky, or we can bring items to an NPC called the Item Recycler. The NPC accepts three types of items: armors, jewelry and Weapons. For the first type you can receive an IE-min-boost. The second type provides IE-max increase and the third type can raise the IE-bonus-stat, each by 0.01% per offered item.

NPC: 68,75,0 (Item Recycler)

Weapons: +IE Bonus

Armor: +IE Min

Jewelry: +IE Max