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Abilities Tab

Under abilities, you can check current character status. Health is shown as the red bar, with the mana bar under it; hovering the cursor over either of the bars will show the numerical health and mana values. The character's defense and attack amounts are just to the right of the health and mana bars. All of the character's resistances are shown in the colored bars below. Resistances can be gained either through item effects or by fighting magic users that attack with elemental powers, or other players or monsters that happen to use melee attacks with an elemental factor. To the right side are sub menus within the abilities tab.

Equipment, the first sub menu, shows the character's items currently being worn or used, along with all the other items in inventory in the drop-down menu. The four buttons below allow for altering the status of these items or viewing them. Each character can only carry 20 items at a time, not including ones equipped; so a possible 30 items can be obtained at any time.

The magic tab gives the percentage of regular damage that a character does; this is based off of psi primarily, and also vitality. All of the known spells are seen in the drop down menu and the two buttons below function the same as in the equipment sub menu. A character may learn up to 30 spells. It is a good idea to keep many various spell types, as different monsters and players have varying resistances to the different elements. Each time a spell is used in battle, the character gets better at casting that particular spell, and the percent to next level increases; once this values reaches 100, the spell goes up a level.

The skills tab is where you may manage the skills your character may have. The name of the skill is shown followed by the current skill level and the experience needed to raise the skill again. If the player has enough unused experience, then two arrow images appear next to the skill. The first is to raise the skill once, the second is to put 1, 10, or 50 points into that skill. You can select which you want by clicking on the number above the arrows. The unused experience can be seen just above the skill table. Also, if you so desire to drop a skill, there is a cancel button to the far right, double clicking on that will drop the skill and refund all experience you put into that skill.

The status tab gives various information about your character, such as badges that other players see when identifying you, earned by accomplishing various tasks, such as reaching a notable level. Trade Licences allow characters to trade with one another. Portal passes give characters free passage through portals after fighting guards. And lastly, clan membership is shown along with the current clan you happen to be in (if you even are).

Under the Other tab, there are just some helpful numbers: total experience that you have obtained; how much experience you will have at the next level; how much more experience is needed to get to that next level; experience bonus in % and absolute (both from item bonuses; how much money you have in cash (usable at stores, but losable if defeated in battle); how much is stored at the bank (where various centers take their money from); money bonus in % and absolute (both from item bonuses).

Land Tab

The Land Tab is probably the most complex part of LostHope. To the left is the view of your character within the world. On top of the graphical image in the center gives your coordinates within the world. To the far right you can fight monsters, identify people, or duel with other people. You move around by clicking on the arrows. Once you have established a camp, a new button [CA] will appear just left of the arrows. This is the quick-travel-button to your camp and has to be double-clicked. If your clan ahs got a Fort, you receive another button above that, titled [FO], which is used in the same way. By moving on a unique location, you can click on the Interact Tab to interact with the special object you encountered.

caption - Wall, unable to walk through
caption - Barrier, requires certain item to pass over; or in case of check point requires a certain stat or badge
caption - Quest item on the ground
caption - Quest monster
caption - Beast monster (random quests)
caption - NPC (person to talk to for quests etc)
caption - Portal, go through and be transported - some of these are invisible!
caption - Spawn Gate, attune here to pop up when you die
caption - Rock, unable to walk through
caption - Your character, some players have their own avatar images
caption - Bank, deposit gold for safe-keeping
caption - Clan Center, manage everything with clans here
caption - Jail, sent here if caught fighting another player
caption - Armory, buy/sell armor here
caption - Miscellaneous Shop, buy/sell potions and other items here
caption - Weaponry, buy/sell weapons here
caption - Trade Center, buy trade licences and manage trades
caption - Shrine - there are various different types
caption - Camp - facility belonging to a player
caption - Fort - belongs to a clan

Interact Tab

Based on where a character is in the world, the location may be of particular interest (depicted by an images of something on the land). If there is nothing, then there won't be much to do here. A shop or bank on the other hand, can be accessed here.

Each shop in the world is unique, and each has its own buy and sell rates, as well both items that the shop has permanently in stock and items that the players sell to that shop. Shop items are grouped by class (headgear, leg armor etc) and a player may buy whatever he or she wants, so long as the funding is available. Shops do refresh their inventory every 10 minutes or so, so items seen do not stay forever.

Banks are quite simple. A player may deposit money here to be kept safe in case of a defeat in battle. This is good, but the money kept in banks may not be used for shops or trades. Bank money can only be accessed at bank locations.

When fighting another player, there is a chance of the guards catching you and you being sent to jail for trying to start a fight. In this case, you are sent to jail where you cannot more or anything for a set amount of time.

Trade centers are where you can buy trade licences for a set amount of money. Once you have a licence, you can put items out for trade, and trade for items already placed. The better licence you have, the more of a profit you get from placing your item on trade.

Spawn gate allow players to set new locations for them to resurrect after they are defeated in battle. This can be done at no cost and as many times as you want.

Barriers are objects that prevent players from passing unless they have a certain item in their inventory.

Portals allow characters to be transported across large distances. They do cost money though, but to get around this, defeat the portal guard so that you can pass for free. There are different levels of portals, along with different levels of guards, but once you defeat a guard, all portals that level and below are free passage.

Quest Items can be picked up off the ground for quest completion, some have spawn timers though, so sometimes when you go to interact, there appears to be nothing there... just check back later

Quest monsters are monsters that drop unique items for quests. If you lose, you can try them again, but if you win, there is a timer as to how often you can defeat the monster.

NPCs usually give quests. They will tell you of the item they seek, and just give it to them and they will reward you.

Log Out Tab

The Log Out Tab immediately removes your character from the land (except during battles). Just closing the window will cause a timer to wait a while for a response before it considers your character gone, but going here will do it immediately.

Top 100 Tab

This opens a new window exactly the same as the one on the Main Screen.

Donate Tab

This game does cost money to run, and if you like the game and have some extra money lying around, it would be much appreciated in keeping the server and game up and running. This opens a new window asking how much you are willing to give, then directs you to the paypal payment options.

Options Tab

This screen gives you various options for the game. First, you may change your password if you feel that the current one is insecure (this does require your email address). Second are the chat filters. You can filter various chat messages here. Third, are just some graphics options. For colors, we use the RGB-hex-representation. For example #331111 means dark red and #DDDDFF means bright blue. There are various tools on the internet that make translating these values into real colors comfortable, so have fun playing around!