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Lizard Merchant - 16,11

Welcome to the Lizard trading post! As you might guess, my business is all about Lizard tails. You can offer me either one Orc Earlobe or a Dragonfly Chrysalis plus a Lizard tail in any case. Then I will give you a Ginseng Root. If you offer me a Mould Fungus or a Cyanobacteria and add one Lizard tail, then you get Mountain Oysters in return. The final trading option is when you give me Ginseng and Mountain Oysters - You get Lizard Tail in return.

Lizard Merchant Give the following item as showen here, Ingredient+Ingreident

Orc Earlobe + Lizard tail = Ginseng Root

Dragonfly + Lizard tail = Ginseng Root

Mould Fungus + Lizard tail = Mountain Oyster

Cyanobacteria + Lizard tail = Mountain Oyster

Ginseng Root + Mountain Oyster = Lizard Tail

Direct Trader - 15,30

Welcome to this trading post! Only here you can trade Mountain Oysters for Ginseng Root 1-1 or the other way around. Or you receive Dragonfly Chrysalis for Orc Earlobe for Mould Fungus for Cyanobacteria for Dragonfly Chrysalis . I make no profit from that but would urge you to keep it the secret.

Direct Trader

Ingreident Exchange

Mountain Oyster = Ginseng Root

Ginseng Root = Mountain Oyster

Orc Earlobe = Dragonfly

Dragonfly = Cyanobacteria

Mould Fungus = Orc Earlobe

Cyanobacteria = Mould Fungus

Merchant - 35,04

Welcome to my little trading post! Currently I can do only two deals: I will give you one Ginseng root for an Orc Earlobe plus a Dragonfly Chrysalis or one Mountain Oysters for a Mould Fungus plus a Cyanobacteria. Interested in any?


Ingredient Exchange

Dragonfly + Earlobe = Ginseng Root

Mould Fungus + Cyanobacteria = Mountain Oyster