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a. Main Screen

   The game is best viewed and played at 1024x768 screen resolution or higher. Recommended browsers for playing are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. The game has also been tested successfully on Opera (windows), Safari, Camino (Mac). When the screen first loads, the login screen will be in the top middle of the screen, allowing you to type in your character name and password and playing the game. 

The middle menu contains various options to see more about the game. The default loader is the news, which has various notable events that have occurred posted by admins or wizards. Clicking on Staff brings up a list of the current people that are part of keeping the LostHope in-line along with their contribution to the effort. Version info is where I post fixes and updates and what I have changed starting with most recent. Rules gives a list of acceptable behavior within the game, these rules must be followed or punishment will occur. Then there is the Forum link; this opens a new window allowing one to access the LostHope forums where various discussions take place (everyone is free to look). Next over there is a Top 100 tab. This again will open new window with a list of the Top 100 players, their races, their classes, and their levels. The last link, Who's On, gives a list of all of the people currently playing the game (except for the higher ranked officials). This list is displayed right below the link.