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  • High Stat - Stats: 500 - Lvl 50+

Dream Land! NPC's

  • High Stats Angel 11,1
  • High Clouds Angel 3,13

Pickup Items Book of Stats 6,6

Evil cloud (Rain of strength) 24,4 Evil cloud (Rain of Speed) 26,20 Evil cloud (Rain of Psi) 20,20 Evil cloud (Rain of Agility) 12,18 Evil cloud (Rain of Vitality) 8,22

  • Master Alchemist - Stats: 4500 - Lvl 100+

Master Alchemist 45, 1

Pick up items

Sulfer 6,45 Salpeter 22,29 Quicksilver 44,22 Undefined Ingredient 44,45

The color code represents the slime color. Look at the color and look at the name of the slime before killing as it could be the wrong color.

Here's a little instructions to help those that need the help. I will provide some simple directions in which to follow to help you get these items a little quicker and also to know when the item is available to you.

You should start out with by picking up Sulfer at 6,45 sense it's the only item that on the far west side of dreamland. Then make your way to the Salpeter at 22,29 and then head over to Quicksilver at 44,22.

Turn in the Sulfer,Salpeter,Quicksilver to the NPC at 45,1. Then you will be asked to go kill a certain slime. The slimes are in correct color. So go get the slime you want. When you kill the slime turn turn in the slime drippings to the NPC at 45,1.

Then you go get the Undefined Ingredients. Just simply run straight down and then pick it up at 44,45. Then return the item back the the NPC at 45,1 and then you will receive 4,500 of that slime you killed.

Slime 14,22 - strength slime Slime 40,31 - vitality slime Slime 32,16 - psi slime Slime 48,39 - speed slime Slime 24,39 - agility slime

  • Dreamland 2 Quest - Stats: 18000 - 1300+

Speed - 34,10 Strength - 48,10 Vitality - 22,10 Psi - 9,10 Agility - 1,10 Candles go to here - 39,41

Item Shop - 18,6

Cup of Chamomile tea - 1100 Warm milk - 12000 Glass of wine - 13000 Shot of whisky - 140000 Hot Toddy - 15000000

Bring each item one by one to the correct NPC.

Speed 34,10

Hot Toddy from shop - 39,4 sleep mask - item - 47,35 The Hermes - Mob - 48,25 The Sandman - Mob - 8,25 return for purple candle Give purple candle to Dreammaker - 39,41

Psi 9,10

Warm milk from shop - 39,4 Teddy Bear - 26,35 Blankie - Mob - 34,25 Wooden Indian - Mob - 16,25 Take the candle you get and bring it to 39,41

Vitality 22,10

Tea - from shop - 18,6 sandmans hat - 13,35 Arachne - Mob - 22,25 Tink - Mob - 38,24 Get the candle and bring it to 39,41

Strength 48,10

Whisky from shop - 18,6 Dream Pillow - 36,35 Thor - Mob - 42,25 Siren - Mob - 12,24 Bring the candle to 39,41

Agility 1,10

Glass of wine from shop - 18,6 Jammies - 2,35 Smoking Fountain - Mob - 2,25 Green Mother - Mob - 28,25 Bring the candle to 39,41

  • Arena

Entrance to Arena is at 15,48 in Dreamland 2

Visit the Centurio Grande NCP at 22,26 to start the Quest

Black Gladiator (Speed) is at 28,40 Red Gladiator (Agilty) is at 6,15 Brown Gladiator (Psi) is at 44,24 Green Gladiator (Strength) is at 5,6 Blue Gladiator (Vitality) is at 42,14

Colored Feathers will drop from each Mob, give these to the NPC

You have to give the NPC the Big Cake after each Feather if u want to give him another

To get to the Big cake u need the Straight Key to cross a Barrier.

Straight Key is at 16,32 Big Cake is at 1,10

  • Diaries

In order to create a high value diary you first need a diary obviously, in order to get dreams added to it they must fall into 2 categories, if they both meet the following requirements they will be added to the diary:

1) the next Nightmare you add to the diary MUST be a minimum of 20% of the Quantity of the Diary (keep viewing the Diary to see this figure)

2) the next Nightmare MUST ALSO be a maximum of 10x the value of the diary EG. if the value of the diary is 2.5k as it starts at the first Nightmare you add must be less than 25k in value


The first rule does not apply to the very first nightmare you add as the diary begins with 1 for Quantity. although the value must still be less than 10x

Hope this helps in making your diaries as big as possible

Note2 -EDIT-

Diaries are now stack-able and have a starting value of 2.5k this means that if you did not add a dream to a diary and found a second diary your new diary would look like the following:

Quantity: 2 Value: 5,000

then if another one was added:

Quantity: 3 Value 7,500

You get the idea

Therefore you cant add a nightmare below either figure on your diary but it also cant be more than 10x the value

For example:

Diary Quantity: of 2000 Value: 100,000

lets say that the state of your diary, if you wanted to add another nightmare to it (or dream) the minimum intensity has to be 400

2000/10 = 200 x 2 = 400

Value must be minimum of 100k (value of Diary) and Maximum 10x Diary (in this case 1mil)