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Welcome to the Dimensional Void

You have done it. You are now strong enough to leave your Western Lands and head over to the Eastern Lands where more challenges await you! Are you ready to advance and become even more stronger. The choice is yours! Will you do what no one has ever done, and become a hero......

Many preparation are needed to get to the Eastern Lands. Below I will guide you on your quest and together we will work through it all.

General Map

To acquire the "General Map" there will be challenges...

You will need to find two sets of Map 1 - Map 10 from either killing mobs, stalkers, or doing your Living Skills. What ever is needed to be done, you will work through it.

When you have Map 1-10, bring the map piece to the starter town and give them to the NPC at 36,15. You will receive the General Map, move off the NPC and come back on him, and give him your second set of Maps and you now should have 2 x General Maps.

Keep these for your next part of the journey...


Now that you have the General Map's, you can now work on getting the dynamite to enter the Cave of Elements.

You must take the General Map(Only One) to the caves in the hill side near the hobbit town.

Make your way through the small maze and enter the cave and you will find a NPC called Master Thief at 99,15. Give the NPC the general map and you will receive the dynamite.

Quest Overall: General Map and now a Dynamite. You are 25% finished!


Now that you have the dynamite, place it on hold so you don't accidentally drop the item. Also make sure you have no extra item on you as you need at least 9 free spaces in your inventory.

Just go to the cave at the bottom near the darkness where you needed to use the Cave Key.

Head up through the maze and get to the barrier (34,80) and then head into the portal at 37,82. Once you go through the portal I believe there's a guard here but I can remember so prepare yourself. Get ready to fight!

You should now be at 1,1 in the Cave of Elements.

In here there is a total of 8 quest monster you need to fight. The map below can help you to navigate through the maze! Should be easy! Have fun!

Monsters locations

18,11 - Uranus
18,1 - Earthen
36,3 - Mars
43,41 - Mercury
3,41 - Jupiter
4,27 - Saturn
25,36 - Venus

Take the portal at the top of path to the last quest mob 5,1 - SOL

One you have obtained all the Elements, use your FORT button and teleport out.

Next step is to take of all your items, and put them in your storage or fort since you will need to go into DreamLand, and turn in your element items to get the "Dark Matter". Once in DL, head to the NPC at 1,50 and turn your elements in and you should obtain Dark Matter and you are now ready to enter the VOID...

1 - Uranus 2 - Mother Earth 3 - Mars 4 - Mercury 5 - Jupiter 6 - Saturn 7 - Venus 8 - SOL
Dimensional Void

Dimensional Void is very tough place if you don't have the levels and the strength for it.

After you have your Dark Matter, you can access the Void that is located in Volcano (45,53). Make sure you do not have any equipment on other then a weapon. Melee Weapons can only have damage bonus on there, and Caster Bonus can only be Mana.

There are three Void's that you will need to pass, if you fail in any of them you will be teleported out to your re-spawn point, and have to re'enter without any items again. Once inside though, you have to start from the first monster until you can get to the last one, collecting items to equip on yourself so you can kill Guard 14. If you are able to kill the last monster in Void 1, then you should be able to kill Guard 14 with no problem.

Once you make it through the three Void's, you will have access to a new playground with stronger monsters and more quest for you to do. Welcome to Eastern Lands. Good luck!

Void 2

When you use the portal from Void 1. You should now be at 36,12, and in Void 2. Make sure you start killing mobs and collecting your items to equipt on yourself again and after you do that, make your way through the maze. Good luck!

Start Point: 36,12

Go up 2 steps to 36,10... Go left 6 steps to 30,10... Go down 8 steps to 30,18... Go right 14 steps to 44,18... Go down 2 steps to 44,20... Go right 2 steps 46,20... Go up 18 steps to 46,2... Go right 2 steps to 48,2... Go down 23 steps to 48,25... Go left 47 steps to 1,25... Go down 24 steps to 1,49... Go right 20 steps to 21,49...

You should be at the portal. Take it and now you will head to the last Void. You are almost done!


FINAL VOID Start point: 26,27

Go down 22 steps to 26,49... Go right 22 steps to 48,49... Go up 1 step to 48,48...

When you get to the final location, then you will have to defeat the Universal Void creature to obtain the General Key. After you have killed the VOID creature, do not forget to grab the key since it is needed to get through the barriers. Teleport to fort when you are finished. You have completed the VOID, and now lets get you to the EASTERN LANDS.

Well done!!! You got yourself through the VOID. I know it was a hard place, and the Guard was tough also, but you passed through it and you are a few minutes away from getting yourself into Eastern lands. *Gives yourself a pat on the back*

Overall Items: General Map, General Key

Head to the Volcano once again, and go pass the barriers. Warning: You cannot have any Maps, Camp/Fort Materials, Gems on you when you pass through the portal to the East at any time. if you do, they will disappear!