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There is special items you can find on the monster in the eastern lands on game. of course for you get here you need to get through the void first. Anyways I explain as much as possiable what these Diet Recipes are for and why they are very special.

Diet Recipe Class: Document Value: 1 Effects: No Effects

This what a Diet Recipe looks like. Althouh you won't be able to tell what you actually found just from the look of only this item. However you can look in your inventory just to see what the recipe is. But if you have a profolio then you would need on hold this item inorder to few your recipe. When unhold your profolio you should be able to see what you got. Psi-Recipe. As you can see, now the the name appears. Inorder to use these just keep on reading this section. These are the current Recipes you can find on the easternlands Psi-Recipe Vitality-Recipe Strength-Recipe Agility-Recipe Speed-Recipe

There is different typs of Diet plans you can follow to help gain more stats from these Recipes

Diet Plans

5 week diets = 100,000 base stat 10 week diet = 250,000 base stat 15 week diet = 500,000 base stat

Total Ingreidents needed

5 weeks diet - 5 of each ingredients 10 week diet - 10 of each ingredients 15 week diet - 15 of each ingreidents

The Coords will lead you to a NPC that you will need to Interact with to get your proper stat your aiming for.

Psi Ingreidents - [25,1] Ginseng Roots Mould Fungus

Vitality Ingreidents - [28,13] Ginseng Roots Cyanobacterias

Strenght Ingreidents - [38,2] Mountain Oysters Orc Earlobes

Agility Ingreidents - [37,10] Mountain Oysters Dragonflys

Speed Ingreidents - [20,8] Ginseng Roots Mountain Oysters Lizard Tails