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Using your materials that you gathering from mining,lumbering,gathering. Bring them to this location Cemetary (53,7,Western Lands). When you interact with this location, you will see something like this displayed.

Ressources Needed Inv.

  1. Lumber: Spruce Wood:9 3
  2. Brick: Gravel:6 + Clay:6 0
  3. Roof Tile: Clay:10 + Iron:5 3
  4. Roof Batten: Tir Wood:18 2
  5. Windows: Jellyfish:15 + Spruce Wood:5 0
  6. Flaming Oil: Oil:20 0
  7. Draw Bridge: Gold:10 + Hard Wood:25 + Seaweed:5 0
  8. SDI: Raw Diamond:12 + Halo:6 0

These are the type of materials you can make from your harvest materials. Look closely to the right side and you will see what type of materials you have and how many you have all together. Inv = how many of this type of material you have of this item.

Ressources in stock

Ore: Gravel: 0 Hard Rock: 0 Coal: 0 Iron: 0 Copper: 0 Silver: 0 Gold: 0 Raw Diamond: 0 Wood: Spruce Wood: 407 Tir Wood: 0 Leech Wood: 0 Cedar Wood: 0 Solid Oak Wood: 0 Hard Wood: 0 Other: Clay: 0 Jellyfish: 0 Gnome Skim: 0 Crab Claw: 0 Oil: 0 Seaweed: 0 Halo: 0 For example you see you have a total of 407 spruce wood. This means you have enough spruce wood to start crafting lumber.