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The Class you choose gives your character its starting skills. All of the skills in the game are available again in the world by doing quests, so it is possible to turn a warrior into a mage, but the starting skills have bonuses associated with them that are unrecoverable if lost. So if a warrior and a mage started with the same stats, are the same level, and the warrior decided to become a mage, the mage would still be stronger because he started with those skills and still has the bonuses associated with them.

  • The Brute is a massive warrior that uses its fists as weapons.
  • The Sharpshooter the ranged fighter using bows and crossbows as weapons.
  • The Warlock is a mystical fighter, relying upon magic to defeat his foes.
  • Assassins are quick, nimble fighters that prefer smaller weapons and hiding in the darkness.
  • Knights are similar to Brutes, but use large weapons in their attacks.
  • The Dark Mage, similar to the Warlock, uses magic as a weapon, but differs in that they do not follow rules set forth by the nobles.