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A clan is a union of players who have their own chat channel, share clan-bonuses - and possibly a kingdom and a fort. Players high in a clan hierarchy should help the lower ones in order for a clan to be successful. The power of a clan is calculated from the levels of its members. Higher power means more options for bonuses and the settlement of a kingdom. The leader of a clan can determine a co-leader to assist them in business. Besides that, there can be councilors of several different levels who are allowed to perform some actions, like raise the bonuses.

The following more specific rules apply to clans.

  • New clans can be started by anyone who has 100,000 gold.
  • Clans can have up to 5 members at a time.
  • Once you leave your clan, you must wait 1 hours to join one again or create one.
  • If a clan-leader leaves his clan, the co-leader will jump into the leader-position. If there was no co-leader the clan gets removed.
  • Leaders and co-leaders may assign councilors of levels 1-3.
  • Councilors of any level can increase bonuses.
  • Councilors of levels 2 and 3 may set clan messages.
  • Besides the leaders, councilors of level 3 can accept new members.
  • Only leaders may boot members from clan or reject recruits.