Child Pets / Feeding

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After your pet hatched, you may choose a name for it (this is also possible each time the pet stamina is 66).

For child pets, the stamina will always decrease. When it gets rather low, you should feed the pet to fill it up again. If it falls to zero this would still be no drama - your pet will just stop contributing its bonuses to your stats / skills.

You have to continue feeding your pet until the number of remaining feeds equals zero. Then, your pet will rise to the next level if it has the required experience (100%+). Its stats will rise as well and sometimes it randomly gains new stats and a basic skill. With what to feed it? You need Powder that can be gained from quality armor pieces. You will start with fluffy items. Decompose them at the Talking Rock (33,23). You need 10 Powder for each feeding. At levels 17,18 and 19 you have to feed it with Superior Powder which can be created by combining other powders.