Chat Commands

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Basic Chatting [text] message to the current chat channel /w [player],[message] private message to player

[text] emote

/s [text] sales post /q [text] ask a question to moderators

Chat Filters /i [player] adds player to ignores /h [player] listens to player again /li ignore list

Game Infos /id [player] Info on player /skc Monster Kills /sta available Beasts /shr Shrine statistics /gem statistics about Joe /cjc Junc Center info /cha Chat Usage info /que Quest timers (monsters + items) /don Clan donations You find shortcuts for all these commands next to the Say-button.

Tools /info [text] sets your info (lastname) to text /memo [text] remembers text /memo displays memorized text /calc arithm. expression command-line calculator