Camps and Forts

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As you travel farther away on the map, you will be looking for a way to pass far distances as quick as possible. One possibility might be to give up and commit suicide on a monster in order to be taken to your last attune spot. The more elegant way though involves building a camp in an area that you visit frequently. The transportation services will charge less fees if your camp has a higher stage of development then. In general you can say: The more dangerous the place is, the higher the cost to set up a camp will be. But it is never possible to teleport to your camp from a different world (map). Forts are camps belonging to a whole clan and allow basic banking functionalities.

Besides the money, you need to collect construciton materials: Lumber, Brick, Roof Tile, Roof Batten and Window are special drops (appear in same areas as stardust). To start your first camp, You need to have one of each material type in your inventory (or storage). A camp starts at size 1. After that, you may put further materials into the camps stock but dont dont let the stock exceed the amount needed for the next size-upgrade by too much. Once there are two materials of each kind in the stock, it can be upgraded (one more lumber will be needed in inventory or storage for that). Similarly, any camp can be upgraded up to size 10. The transportation cost to your camp depends on the size: 1 - 90%; 2 - 45%; 3 - 25%; 4 - 20%; 5 - 15%; 6 - 12%; 7 - 10%; 8 - 8%; 9 - 6%; 10 - 5% (percentage of the money on hand).

Camps can be moved to different places at any time. The cost will again depend on the terrain. At this moment, any materials that are in the stock and exceed the camp size will get lost!

Make sure you moved your camp to a perfect place in case you transform it to a fort because forts can not be moved later! A camp of size 10 can be transformed into A Fort by a leader or coleader. They need to have 4 building materials of each kind in their inventory and the clan needs to have sufficirnt money in the bank. Forts are not mobile but they offer better infrastructure so the transportation there is free. There can be only one Fort per clan and its shared by all of its members. When a clan has settled in an area, it can gain taxes of the inhabitants (once every 6 hours). This tax will be higher the touhgher the area is and the bigger the fort is!

Forts are upgraded in a similar was as camps but to upgrade it takes two times of each good being stored in the fort stock. While this is restricted to leaders and coleaders, any members may contribute goods to the stock and get the taxes for the clan. A fort of size 10 will give the clan 1 additional (free) land in its kingdom, another one at size 50 and 120.